Governing through the lens of fairness

My article for the latest edition of Governance journal, thinking through the nature and tone of business that needs to be built when we start to come out of the current crisis, building on the foundations of fairness:

Gnance strapline Apr20

(Sadly available to subscribers only).

The article develops some of my thinking on fairness and stakeholders, including the discussions in the following:

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Fairness for customers

Credos and a fair return


Talking with the taxman about fairness

Simplifying tax is fairness

As the article says:

“They say that adversity brings out the best in people. I’m not sure that we’re currently seeing evidence of that across society and the corporate world. Rather, what seems to be happening is people are tending to revert to type. Good governance can help ensure that the type to which we revert is a thoughtful and fair one. Good governance using the lens of fairness will give us all the best chance to build businesses that will effectively deliver for all once we are beyond the current dreadful but temporary circumstances.”

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