Solidarity: fairness and the workforce

“Cooperatively calling for a fair workplace reflects a basic human desire to care for others in a mutually supportive way.”

I’m not sure that Google would be high on my personal list of employers showing the way forward for workers’ relations, but there is a recent Aeon article that is well worth a read from the perspective of fairness and industrial relations.

Aeon is one of my favourite venues for accessible academic thinking, and I’m pleased to be a supporter. This brief article is written by Carl Rhodes, deputy dean of the business school at the University of Technology Sydney.

Find the article here Solidarity is not dead: how workers can force progressive change.

“The pursuit of workplace fairness is not just a matter for the individuals who have been mistreated, maligned or manhandled. Justice is not just justice for me. It forms the heart of a community. What that community is collectively prepared to accept as fair and unfair defines its moral character.”

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