Democracy – playing fair

The wonderful Barbican Centre in the City of London has been prepping an exhibit called Playing Democracy. This apparently seeks to explore democracy through the medium of a large-scale game of Pong — the original computer game with the paddles on either side of the screen, simulating some form of table tennis. Do not ask me how this might be intended to work.


The key to the intended game — or at least the lessons that it might teach us about democracy — appear to be the variables that players can choose to apply, located at the right-hand end of the screen.

Who would choose — if they had the choice — to play a game, or live in a democracy, that was not fair, that was not equal, and/or that was not free?


Unfortunately, as well as social distancing challenges (it’s intended as a two-player game), there appear to be technological difficulties with the game.

This final image is reproduced without comment.


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